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ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.3.0

ADDED: Management of Apple devices running iOS and iPadOS, including Apple Business Manager

ADDED: Native ARM64 support for ESET Management Agent for Windows

ADDED: Support for VMWare Instant Clones

ADDED: New audit information on the policy screen (Modification time, Last modified by, and Creation time)

ADDED: Upgrade outdated operating systems in a computer group

ADDED: Ability to copy a license Public ID to the clipboard via the context menu in license management

ADDED: Ability to filter licenses on the license management screen based on the Public ID

ADDED: Automatic resolution of HIPS logs

ADDED: Computer description as a new attribute in Device Identifiers under computer details

ADDED: Support for migration and backup of ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) recovery data

ADDED: New client task "Generate new FDE Recovery password" (available from EFDE client version 1.3 (EFDE - purchased separately))

ADDED: Ability to retry encryption from the console if encryption fails (available from EFDE client version 1.3 (EFDE - purchased separately))

IMPROVED: Preview feature – Computer preview (added new sections and the possibility to click on some elements and navigate to relevant details)

IMPROVED: The Syslog export now also supports the information log level

IMPROVED: The ESET Full Disk Encryption status now provides more details

IMPROVED: Extended Hardware inventory details for the device with encryption-related fields

IMPROVED: Disabled computers are not synced or deleted by the Active Directory scanner

IMPROVED: Various UI and UX improvements

CHANGED: Retention policy enforcement notification

CHANGED: The CRON trigger can be planned for LOCAL or UTC time only

CHANGED: The Wipe task has been dropped because it does not work properly in newer versions of Android. The Factory Reset task remains the only task for both Apple and Android devices.

CHANGED: Adjustments related to managed products name changes

FIXED: Mobile device management allows manual selection of a suitable platform in case of unrecognized mobile devices

FIXED: The License Owner name is not updated in License Management after changing it in ESET Business Account

FIXED: A Client task cannot be scheduled for managed computer local time (only for browser time)

FIXED: Various other bug fixes, security, and performance improvements


ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.2.0

NEW: New concept–Option to preview certain features

NEW: Preview feature–Support for iOS / iPadOS (without ABM enrollment)

NEW: Preview feature–Computer preview

ADDED: Upgrade outdated products in a computer group

ADDED: Default filter in the Detection screen (unresolved detections first)

ADDED: Ability to use a second license to activate ESET Dynamic Threat Defense in a software installation task when an eligible endpoint product is selected

ADDED: User management for users with global "write" access

ADDED: Expiration time for client task triggers (Triggers tab)

ADDED: New report–Computer Hardware Overview

ADDED: Enabled non-root administration (other than the instance creator) to manage the security of other managed accounts (depends on the upcoming EBA release planned for April 2020)

IMPROVED: Pause a task for ESET Full Disk Encryption (capability to select an exact date and time)

IMPROVED: The encryption status tile is now more interactive

IMPROVED: Extended information in detection details

IMPROVED: A recommendation message is displayed when the Administrator tries to run a client task on more than 1,000 clients (using a group is recommended)

IMPROVED: Assigning a policy to more than 200 individual devices is permitted (using a group is recommended)

IMPROVED: Various performance improvements

FIXED: Licenses with over 10,000 seats were displayed as infinite

FIXED: In some cases, the "Planned" flag In a client task remained active after a task was executed

FIXED: The license usage number did not display the correct number when a license was overused

FIXED: Subunits were not used by percentage usage enumeration for mail security products

FIXED: The operating system name (Big Sur) for macOS 11.1 and 11.2 was missing

FIXED: Various other bug fixes and improvements


ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.1.0

ADDED: Ability to look up specific computer based on the last logged user parameter

ADDED: Support for policy-based migration from on-premise console to cloud console

FIXED: Issue with opening/reading PDF reports sent by email (base64-encoded)

FIXED: Non-root user with write permission rights for ESET PROTECT Cloud in ESET Business Account cannot import or create dynamic group templates

FIXED: Device filters on Dashboards display different values than in tables

FIXED: In some cases, Detail in the "Audit Log" overlapping other lines

FIXED: Product deactivation fails with timeout (in certain cases) if started by "Delete not connected computers" server task

FIXED: User cannot delete objects in some cases even with correct access rights

FIXED: Name of the file is garbled when Japanese characters are used

FIXED: Various other bug fixes and minor improvements



CHANGED: ESET Cloud Administrator renamed to ESET PROTECT Cloud

ADDED: Ability to manage and protect Android mobile devices

ADDED: Ability to manage FileVault (macOS) native encryption when an eligible license is present

ADDED:  Increased device management limit (up to 10,000  - dependent on purchased license size)

ADDED: One-click deployment of ESET Dynamic Threat Defense if an eligible license is present

ADDED: Ability to manage dynamic groups

ADDED: Ability to manage notifications

ADDED: Ability to define specific permission sets for selected users

ADDED: Active Directory synchronization (Computers only)

ADDED: Syslog log exporting

ADDED: New “Audit log” section provides detailed information about specific actions

ADDED: Ability to mass deploy the management agent to macOS devices

ADDED: Second-level menu for advanced options

ADDED: Secure Browser management

ADDED: Support for sites (ESET Business Account) licenses including new "License user" column

ADDED: Renew a license in the “License Management” screen

ADDED: Ability to drill-down from expiring license issues in “Dashboards” and “Reports” to obtain more information in the “License Management” screen

ADDED: New “Manage license” context menu

ADDED: EULA update notifications that support auto-upgrade (uPCU) of endpoint products in managed environments

ADDED: New ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) management actions directly from “Computer details”

ADDED: New EFDE Dynamic groups and Reports

ADDED: Detection details (LiveGrid, Observed in organization, Virus Total )

ADDED: One-click access to client task triggers

ADDED: Unsupported browser warning

ADDED: New "Seats allocated to sites" present in dedicated license report

ADDED: Multi-line command scripts for Run Command task

ADDED: Option to create a Computer user group in the “Add computer user” wizard

CHANGED: Management Agent - supported operating systems

CHANGED: Retention policy defaults

CHANGED: License unit/sub-units visualization changed to "used/total" for online licenses and "X offline" for offline licenses

CHANGED: Access to behavior reports (when EDTD is purchased and enabled) are available (in the UI) only if an eligible license is present

IMPROVED: Ability to define a retention policy for certain logs

IMPROVED: Exclusions mechanism extended to firewall threats

IMPROVED: Computer details now directly accessible by clicking the computer name

IMPROVED: One-click Network isolation

IMPROVED: Columns ordering

IMPROVED: Pop-up with search option

IMPROVED: Hierarchical Dynamic groups tree

IMPROVED: Multi-select in pop-up (modal) windows

IMPROVED: Ability to create one exclusion from multiple detentions with standard exclusion criteria(s)

IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs for better navigation in Wizards

IMPROVED: Various other performance and security improvements

FIXED: “Delete task action” removes all client tasks, not just selected items in a task list for a specific group

FIXED: Status filter not visible for server tasks (only in client tasks)

FIXED: Failed to send a wake-up call from the client task details executions

FIXED: Incorrect target group type displays when editing a client trigger

FIXED: “Status update” type notifications fail to save if they contain the “$” character

FIXED: Import of policies with large file sizes

FIXED: Infinite units or subunits in tooltips for licenses in the License Management screen display incorrectly

FIXED: License-related notifications (for example, expiration/overuse) trigger when a license is suspended

FIXED: Policy does not block the selected Scan profile

FIXED: Filters previously set are not saved

FIXED: Various other bug fixes


ESET Cloud Administrator

Added: Support for ESET Dynamic Thread Defense (Sold separately. Available for purchase in upcoming weeks)

Added: Submitted files screen

ADDED: Ability to pause ESET Full Disk Encryption available from EFDE client version 1.2 (EFDE - purchased separately)

ADDED: Automatic resolution of firewall logs and filtered websites

ADDED: Ukrainian language

ADDED: New filtering options

ADDED: Many other performance, usability, and security improvements

IMPROVED: Discontinued the default limit for the number of displayed static groups

IMPROVED: Performance improvements in the “groups” tree on the “Computers” and “Detections” screens

IMPROVED: Selected screens redesign: Users, scheduled reports and edit updates in the navigation bar

IMPROVED: Unified table design for task selection, computers selection, and other features

IMPROVED: Second-level menu added under "Change assignments" in the policy screen

FIXED: Delay of product version status shown in the main web console

FIXED: System applications are not reported on macOS 10.15

FIXED: Language detection on macOS Catalina

FIXED: Table sorting behavior: Clicking column headers adds columns to multi-sorting until it has been clicked 3 times

FIXED: Last scan time in “computer details” screen won’t impact the computer security status tile

FIXED: User cannot resolve detections when the “Resolved” column is not shown in the “detections” table

FIXED: The side panel does not remember the expanded/collapsed state after log-out and log-in

FIXED: Some threats cannot be marked as resolved

FIXED: After moving computers from a specific group, the view is changed to the group "ALL."

ESET Cloud Administrator  - ESET Management Agent release- June

ADDED: New version of ESET Management Agent

ADDED: Updating ESET Management Agent to the latest version can be deployed centrally alongside the cloud service update

ADDED: Agent compatibility with H1/2021 Windows version 10


ESET Cloud Administrator

IMPROVED: Email domain validation when sending live installer link was discontinued

IMPROVED: Checkbox "automatically reboot when needed" not checked by default when activating EFDE from encryption tile

IMPROVED: Dozens of usability, security, performance and stability improvements

FIXED: Clicking column headers adds columns to multi-sorting until it has been clicked 3 times

FIXED: Last Scan Time should  note trigger red security status

FIXED: Not possible to resolve detections when "Resolution" column is not shown

FIXED: The side panel doesn't remember expanded/collapsed state after log-out and log-in

FIXED: Agents stop connecting to cloud service under some circumstances

FIXED: Recipients not visible in notifications emails

FIXED: Computer with outdated OS are not visible in appropriate dynamic group

FIXED: Ability to create hash exclusion without a hash present

FIXED: ESET Full Disk Encryption not included within the selective  export task configuration


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.2

NEW: ESET Full Disk Encryption

NEW: Tagging - mark all relevant objects (e.g., computers) using user-defined tags

NEW: Support for the newest generation of Linux products, starting with ESET File Security for Linux v7

NEW: Centralized Exclusions and wizard

ADDED: Option to automatically delete computers that are not connecting

ADDED: Option to rename computers based on defined criteria

ADDED: Computer isolation task

ADDED: Unified table design with new navigation elements

ADDED: Ability to export tables across all the main screens to different formats

ADDED: New "empty screen states" for simpler object creation

ADDED: Detections view is now aggregated by time and other criteria to simplify operations and to resolve them

ADDED: Execute one click actions from the "task executions" screen

ADDED: Create a combined installer including ESET Full Disk Encryption

ADDED: Option to deactivate individual products

ADDED: New dynamic groups related to newly introduced products

ADDED: Search by group name in computer screens and search bar

ADDED: Option to save dashboard layout as preset for other users

ADDED: Generate defined reports filtered to a selected group

ADDED: Indonesian language support

ADDED: New ESET Management Agent version (Windows) supports the latest security products

IMPROVED: Many UI Improvements & other usability changes

IMPROVED: Context menu now applies for all selected rows

IMPROVED: Filtering panel has many new options such as autocomplete

IMPROVED: New column selector element for primary tables.

IMPROVED: Layout of detections (previously "threats") screen with new detection details

IMPROVED: Reports screen layout includes a one click report generation option

IMPROVED: Task section was updated and triggers are now displayed in a separate view of "task details"

IMPROVED: Layout of policies screen, with simpler orientation and navigation

IMPROVED: Layout of notifications screen with notification details

IMPROVED: Quick links menu

IMPROVED: AV remover (part of management agent) supports auto update

IMPROVED: Download speeds from the repositories were significantly improved

IMPROVED: Management agent file size significantly reduced

CHANGED: "Threats" section was renamed to "Detections"

CHANGED: Management agent compatibility update related to macOS 10.7 and 10.8 support (see the documentation for more details)

CHANGED: ESET Cloud Administrator ends support for Endpoint and Server Security versions 6.4 and earlier.

FIXED: Various other bug fixes and internal performance improvements


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.360.0

Added: Full support for endpoint version 7.1 products

Fixed: Various bugs


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.359.0

Improved: Internal performance improvements


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.358.0

Improved: Overall performance improvements

Changed: Updated copyright information

Fixed: ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) server does not receive all "Web protection" threats

Fixed: "Web protection" threat details view in the webconsole displays an unexpected error

Fixed: An uncaught exception occurs when working with ECA

Fixed: Indonesian language support is missing in product installation filters

Fixed: Server Device Status chart is missing


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.356.0

FIXED: Issue with too many notifications send from one incident.


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.350.0

New version of ESET Management Agent fixing various installation/upgrade/repair issues.

Internal service performance improvements

Fixed invalid installer CA certificate encoding in GPO installer script

ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.349

Various minor performance improvements


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.345

Various minor bug fixes

Wrong information is displayed under "Policy Product" column while creating the ECA Live installer


ESET Cloud Administrator  1.1.343.0

One-click actions

New one-click action - One click upgrade option – even from aggregated data.

New One-click actions to resolve "resolvable" actions – activate, reboot, update OS, or various protection issues

Hardware inventory

Redesigned client details section

New "incident overview" dashboard, with new types of graphical elements, and one-click navigation to threats

Improved Automatic resolving of handled threats

Option to generate live installer without security product selected

New status overview section

Live installer now support offline cache to speed up the deployment

Overall UI improvements (polished UI, new vector icons, updated menus)

Updated "overview" dashboard with one click navigation & Configurable RSS feed

Redesigned quick links & help links

New layout for wizard elements

Ability to switch ECA do different language in EBA (support for NEW languages)

Automatic detection of "machine cloning"

Ability to send e-mail directly from ECA when sending installer

Automatic log-outs

New more streamlined way when adding computers or using introductory wizard

Redesigned "filter bar" with the option to remove / reset / save filter presets + "category filter" moved to "filters"  

New columns for number / highest severity of alerts, cloning questions, and hardware detection reliability status

Enhanced filtering options by product name, version, number of alerts, policies, threats, & other options

New "remove computer from management" wizard, showing clear steps how to correctly remove devices from ECA  

Redesigned task wizard

New task types - Diagnostic (enable diagnostic / log collector)

Section "logs" now includes tabs to display "log collector" and new section for "diagnostic logs"

Alerts  - Alert (problem) details are reported from the supported security products

New dynamic groups for desktops and servers

Questions to resolve conflicts

Possible to locate threats detected by the same scan

Added current detection engine version and a hash value

Possibility to filter by cause, threat type, scan, scanner and define more granular criteria for the time filter in threats

Possibility to collapse and expand all reports in one click

Software installation task executes a "pre-execution check", and reports "task failed" with further details

New report template categories Hardware Inventory, Cloning Detection

Restyled report creation wizard

Extended options for filtering for specific values

Redesigned installer generation flow

Ability to configure LiveGrid and PUA settings  when creating live installer

Ability to configure Live Installer proxy settings  during the installer creation

Support for GPO  (Group policy)

New filter to "hide not-assigned policies"

Policy details showing "assigned to" (combines computers / groups) and "applied on" (actually applied targets)

New predefined policies for optimal usage of ESET Live Grid, and few tweaks to existing recommended templates for maximum protection

Possibility to allow "local lists"

Possible to edit multiple notifications at once

New announcement channel to inform users about planned outages and other important events

Improved migration from ERA6 (ESMC) managed environment when executing live installers