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I forgot my PIN to the ESET HOME application.

If you forgot the PIN to your ESET HOME application, you must uninstall the application and install it again. However, you will not lose any of your data by uninstalling your ESET HOME application.

What are "push notifications"?

Push notifications are messages that pop up on mobile devices.

Are the ESET HOME applications and portal free?

Yes, the use of ESET HOME is free.


I do not want to receive special offers. How can I opt out?

In ESET HOME, tap on the menu in the application or click the username in the portal, go to My account settings, and deselect the I would like to receive special offers… option.

At the end of any promotional email from ESET, there is an Unsubscribe button.

What happens with my devices if I delete my ESET HOME account?

Devices are disconnected from ESET HOME but remain activated, and devices remain protected. However, shared protection with others is deactivated.

I received: "We detected an unusual login to your account. Please review all logged-in devices." message. What should I do?

To improve your account's security, ESET HOME detects your login device's IP address. If this IP address changes, you will receive the above message. This message can mean someone signed in to your account from a different device or your IP address changed. If you have a dynamic IP address or do not have a static IP address, your IP address can change daily, depending on your ISP and ISP policy.

I have places in my login history where I have never been.

The login location depends on the geographical IP lookup. This location does not have to match the device location used to log in to your ESET HOME account. The current location depends on your ISP's IP address.


Where is License Management?

License management integrates with the ESET HOME portal.

What do I do for an overused or leaked license?

See What to do if you have an overused/leaked license.

My license status is still "Waiting for verification."

You are trying to verify your license using the link in your email address more than 1 hour after receiving the mail. In your ESET HOME account, in the Licenses section, click Show all licenses > Open License and scroll down to Resend verification email.

What to do when my license is labeled as suspended?

ESET products activated by a suspended license no longer receive updates. We recommend you check your payment details or contact your license distributor to resolve the license issue. For more information, visit our Knowledgebase article.

Is an ESET license free?

Full licenses for ESET products are not free. If you are deciding whether to buy an ESET security product, you can use a trial version, which is almost like a full license and free for a specific time period.

Internet sources might provide you with a "free" ESET license key, but remember:

If you click a "Free ESET license" ad, you can compromise your computer or device and it may become infected with malware. Malware can be hidden in unofficial YouTube videos, websites that display ads to earn money based on your visits and so on. Usually, these ads are a trap.

ESET can and does disable pirated licenses.

A pirated license key does not align with the End User License Agreement you must accept to install an ESET product.

You must only purchase ESET licenses through official channels such as, ESET distributors or resellers (do not buy licenses from unofficial third-party websites like eBay or shared licenses from a third-party).

You can download an ESET product for free. Still, activation during an installation requires a valid ESET license key (you can download and install the software, but without the activation, you can only use a limited feature set.

Do not share your license on the internet or social media (the license might become widespread).

How is my license used?

See License usage.

Where can I manage my auto-renew settings?

See License Auto-renewal.

Additional licensing FAQ

See the ESET Knowledgebase article for the home products licensing FAQ.


Where can I see how many devices are activated with a specific license if I have more than one license?

In Licenses, click Show all licenses > Open license. You can find all devices protected with your license in the Devices section. Here you will only see the devices connected to the ESET HOME account.

I do not see my device under the Devices section, but it is fully protected.

Your device is probably activated with another license, which is not added in the Licenses section. After adding your license to ESET HOME, a confirmation link is sent to the license owner. After that, it is up to the owner to give you a management allowance.

How can I disconnect my device but not deactivate protection?

You can disconnect your device from the license in your ESET product. If you are not the ESET HOME account owner, ask the owner to disconnect your device.

How do I connect a device to my ESET HOME account?

See Connect device to ESET HOME account.