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License usage


';License usage provides information on how you use your ESET license, so you can use the free license units or optimize the use of existing license units. In this section, you can rename, remove or identify devices using your license. You can also find free and shared license seats.

License unit categories

After logging into your ESET HOME account, in the Licenses section, click Show all licenses > Open license. You will see all license units under License usage in three categories:

Devices connected to your ESET HOME account – Devices protected by your license and connected to your ESET HOME account. If your family or friend uses some of the devices you see under this category, they can manage it from their ESET HOME account. See the manual on creating an ESET HOME account and adding the device.

Other devices protected by your license – Devices protected by your license that are not connected to any ESET HOME account yet. See the manual on how to connect the device to your ESET HOME account.

Protection shared with your family and friends – Devices protected by your license and connected to your family or friend's ESET HOME account. Every shared license seat is represented by the user's email address and invitation status in this category. It could be:

a)Invitation sent – You sent the invitation email to your friend, and you are awaiting acceptance.

b)Invitation accepted – Your friend accepted the invitation but did not activate the ESET product on their device.

c)Activated – Your friend accepted and activated the ESET product.



If the license capacity is five units, and you decide to share two license units with someone else, send an invitation. The recipient accepts invitation, but only one product activates with the shared protection, so you will see the status of the invitations as Activated and Invitation accepted. Your License usage (2/5) displays both license units, but the Usage status considers only the activated device.

Device security statuses

Devices protected by your license may have the following security statuses:

Icon-OK Protected – The device is protected and updated regularly, and the license on the given device is not expired.

important Attention required – The ESET product is working, but the device has an issue.

warning Security alert – The ESET product does not work correctly.

Not active more than (weeks, months, year) – This status appeared on your device when:

The device is not communicating to your ESET HOME account for a longer period (for example, a broken device). If you no longer use this device, remove it to free license seats.

You are using the force stop or cleaning application on your Android device. In this case, open the ESET Mobile Security application manually on your Android device for it to work correctly and solve the issue.



To ensure that your Android device is active and properly protected, we recommend you add the ESET Mobile Security application to the Ignore list or whitelist in your Force stop/cleaning application. Excluding a specific app from the force stop process may use different method in your application.