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User profiles

With the ESET HOME account, you can manage specific features, such as Virtual Private Network, and ESET Password Manager centrally for all user profiles. Creating user profiles enables you to activate or assign ESET HOME security features to someone else. With user profiles, you can manage only security features, not devices.

After logging into your ESET HOME account, in the Features section, click Security features.

User profiles are displayed after activation of one of the security features:


ESET VPN feature

To install and activate the ESET VPN, see instructions in ESET VPN Online Help.


ESET Password Manager feature

To install and activate the ESET Password Manager, see instructions in ESET Password Manager Online Help.

Me—This is an automatically created user profile when you activate the VPN or ESET Password Manager feature. The profile email address is your ESET HOME account email address.

Other user profiles—Profiles for someone else who have activated the security feature.

Add a new user profile

During the activation of some features, you can choose an existing profile or create a new one:

1.Choose the feature you want to activate.

2.Click Add new person.

3.Type the name and email address for the new profile.

4.Click Create profile.

User profile details

Click Open next to the user profile name, and the following information will display:


The first letter of the name

Email address

VPN feature status

Rename the user profile

1.Click Edit next to the profile name.

2.Type the nickname.

3.Click Save to confirm.

4.Click Got it.

Delete the user profile

1.Click Open next to the profile name.

2.Click Delete profile.


All features activated with this profile will become deactivated and available for the other user profile protection.

3.Click Delete profile to confirm.

4.Click Got it.