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Add a new device/server device

To protect a new device, click +Protect device in the Devices section or see Add a device.

View device/server device information

This window lists devices connected to your ESET HOME account and suggests devices to connect. Each connected device is represented by its name, application status, and product update information.


Attention required

Devices/Servers in this list have a warning or an important notification.

Devices without issues

Devices/Servers in this list are functioning properly, the security product running on the protected device is activated and updated to the latest version and the operating system is updated. In the case of a mobile device, it is not reported as missing.

Devices suggested for connection

Devices/Servers in this list are protected with your subscription but not connected to your ESET HOME account. Devices/Servers in this category are represented by their name. Click the device you want to connect and click Notify the device to manage and view its security.

Device details

Click Show more information to show detailed device information.

Notifications—Displays issues with the ESET product installed on the device/server. Click the specific notification to see detailed information. This information is available only if your device/server has a warning or a critical notification.

Product information—Displays information about the installed product and activation date.

Subscription information—Displays information about the subscription used for activation and the next payment date. Click Open subscription for more information.

Anti-Theft—Click Open Anti-Theft to manage devices protected by ESET Anti-Theft. This feature is available only if your device is protected by ESET Anti-Theft.

Product version

For the device/server device security status, read Subscription usage.