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Devices protected by ESET Anti-Theft

After you log in to ESET Anti-Theft, you should see a list of devices protected by ESET Anti-Theft.

I don't see any devices; how can I add a new device?

My protected devices

Click the desired device and device name in the upper menu section of the ESET Anti-Theft private area web interface to see the device's status and activity (such as IP locations or webcam images), or click the wheel ANTITHEFT_WHEEL located at the top-right to change personalization settings.


The security level displayed in Anti-Theft Optimization Level may have the following states:

If no issue is detected - Security level = 5 stars

If only one issue is detected - Security level = 4 stars

If two or three issues are detected - Security level = 3 stars

I do not see any devices

If you do not see any devices, enable ESET Anti-Theft in ESET Internet Security, ESET Smart Security Premium or ESET Mobile Security using your ESET HOME account credentials.

For further instructions on enabling ESET Anti-Theft, see our how-to guide.