Add new device to ESET Anti-Theft

Follow the instructions below to protect your device and data from theft. Specify whether you are adding a Windows or Android device:

Add a new Windows device

Add a new Android device


You cannot add a new device directly from the ESET HOME web portal. Add a device or multiple devices assigned to your ESET HOME account directly from ESET Internet Security, ESET Smart Security Premium or ESET Mobile Security.

Add a new Windows device


ESET Anti-Theft is not intended for Microsoft Windows Home Server.

After installing and activating your ESET product, you are prompted to set up additional ESET security tools. To activate ESET Anti-Theft, click Enable next to the Anti-Theft option and continue to step 3.

View illustrated instructions (recommended).

1.To open your ESET product, double-click the ESET icon in the taskbar.

2.In the main program window, click Setup > Security Tools and then click the slider bar next to ESET Anti-Theft.


3.To log in to your ESET HOME account, use the social login, scan the QR code or type your ESET HOME credentials (email address and the password), and click Log in. If you do not have a ESET HOME account, click Create account.


4.Type a device name and click Continue.

5.Anti-Theft is activated, and your device is associated with your Anti-Theft feature on the ESET HOME portal > ESET Anti-Theft section. Click Done.

6.ESET Anti-Theft window opens automatically. Optimize your device's security and click Create Phantom account. The phantom account helps you retrieve your broken or stolen device. A phantom account is required to use all ESET Anti-Theft features.

7.Click Create. The default phantom account name is "Alex." It is not necessary to change the Phantom account name.

8.After creating the Phantom account, your ESET Anti-Theft account is fully optimized. Your device shows a Not missing status at

All devices related to your ESET HOME account are accessible from the My devices section. This can be useful for future problem-solving.

Add a new Android device

After ESET Mobile Security is installed, and activated by your ESET Mobile Security license, associate your device to your ESET HOME account if you have not done that before.

View illustrated instructions (recommended).

1.Tap Anti-Theft in the ESET Mobile Security main screen.

2.Tap Enable. If your device is already connected to the ESET HOME, skip to step 6.

3.To log in to your ESET HOME account, use the social login, scan the QR code, or enter your email address and the password, and then tap Log in. If you do not have an existing account, tap Create account.

4.Type the email address and password for your ESET HOME account, confirm the password, and tap I agree to ESET Terms & Conditions > Create.

5.To verify your new account, click the verification link sent to your email address and tap Continue.

6.Allow all needed permissions by tapping Allow/Continue or Activate. For the proper function of the ESET Anti-Theft feature, all permissions need to be granted.

7.To protect important settings inESET Mobile Security, type a PIN, tap the check box and confirm your PIN.

8.Devices with SIM cards: To Trust this SIM card, tap Trust. This setting adds your current SIM card to the trusted list. Otherwise, tap Skip.
Devices without SIM cards: Skip to step 10.

9.ESET Mobile Security 6.x users: To enable the trusted SIM card functionality, tap Trust. ESET creates a unique identifier on your SIM card and in your contacts.
ESET Mobile Security 5.4 and earlier users: You will not receive a unique identifier and must add a trusted contact. To add a trusted contact, type the contact's Name and Phone number, and tap Save. Otherwise, tap Skip. To send your trusted contact an SMS message with SMS command instructions, tap Send. Otherwise, tap Don't Send.

10.Your device is now fully optimized for Anti-Theft.