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Create a new ESET HOME account

Use one of the following methods to create a new ESET HOME account:

On the ESET HOME web portal

In the ESET HOME application

In the main program window of ESET Windows home products

During the activation process in the ESET Parental Control application

In ESET Mobile Security

For ESET home products for Windows and Android to function properly with ESET HOME features, you must create an ESET HOME account. To create an ESET HOME account, log in with your Google account, Apple ID or email address and password.


If you use your Google account or Apple ID to create an account, you must create a separate ESET HOME password to use ESET Anti-Theft, ESET Parental Control or to disassociate your Google account or Apple ID from your ESET HOME account.


Create an account in the ESET HOME web portal using your email address and password

1.Visit ESET HOME portal.

2.Click Create account.

3.Type a valid email address, and click Continue with email.


To create an ESET HOME account with a social media account, click the Google/Apple button and type your Google account or Apple ID. You will be logged in to your ESET HOME account.

4.Type a password, and select the appropriate country. These fields are required for registration.


Your password must be at least 10 characters long and contain at least one of each of the following characters:

Lowercase letter

Uppercase (CAPITAL) letter


5.Click Create account and log in.

6.A verification email will be sent to your email address. Click the link in the email to confirm your registration. You will be automatically logged in to your account.

You can access all ESET online services when you create an ESET HOME account, including ESET Anti-Theft. For more information, refer to the How to add a new device and activate ESET Anti-Theft Online Help section or the ESET Anti-Theft Knowledgebase article (not available in all languages).