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Getting started

By creating the ESET HOME account, you can get an overview and manage your licenses and connected device protections. ESET HOME also provides multiple features, such as ESET Parental Control, to protect your children from threats on their smartphones and tablets; ESET Password Manager, to protect and store your passwords and personal data; and ESET Anti-Theft, to locate your laptop or mobile device if ever lost or stolen. Read ESET HOME features for more information.

After creating your ESET HOME account, add the license and protect your devices. On the ESET HOME home screen, click Get started and continue according to your preferences below:

Add a license and download protection

1.Select Add a license & download protection, and click Continue.

2.Type your License Key and click Add license. If you do not have a license yet, go back and choose Purchase a license or get a free trial by clicking Try protection for free.



To manage your licenses, see Licenses and license management.

3.Now that your license is active, you can:

a)Add another license using the process in step 2.

b)Protect device—Download the ESET product directly from ESET HOME and connect your device to the ESET HOME account to view and manage all features. You can protect your current/other device or share the protection with your family by following the instructions below:



You can only connect Android and Windows devices to your ESET HOME account.

Protect this device—Download the ESET product installer to the device you are currently on and activate the ESET product.

4.To download the installer on the current device, click Protect this device and click Continue. If you do not have license units available, remove some devices, purchase a new license or increase your existing license capacity.



When your license is expired, click Renew or add a new license by clicking Already have a renewed or new license?

5.Choose a license, and click Continue. If you protect an Android device, you will be redirected to Google Play store to download the latest version of ESET Mobile Security or directly to the ESET Mobile Security application if you already have downloaded it. After ESET Mobile Security activation, your device will be connected to your ESET HOME account automatically.



For Android device, also the free version of ESET Mobile Security is available.

6.Click Download protection.



When downloading macOS protection, the License Key is displayed in the third step on the screen. Enter the License Key in the installer during the product activation.

7.Click Got it.

8.Open the downloaded installer and activate the ESET product.

Protect another device

arrow_down_homeGet protection via email —Send the ESET product installer to activate protection on your other devices.
arrow_down_homeShare ESET protection—Share your license with a family member or a friend. Only devices with Windows OS and macOS can be shared.

Purchase a license

After selecting Purchase a license, click Continue, and you will be redirected to the ESET eStore, where you can purchase the license. Then log in to your ESET HOME account to protect your device.

Download trial protection for free

1.Select Download a free trial, and click Continue.

2.Select the device's operating system you want to protect, and click Continue.


a)Download protection—The installer will be downloaded to protect your current device.

b)Send email—The protection will be sent to the entered email address.