Add a license

After a successful login, add your license from the Licenses section.

Add a license for the first time

1.Click +Add license.

2.Type your license key and click Add license.

3.You will be informed that the License verification email was sent to your email address associated with the license. Click the Close button displayed along with this information.

4.Follow the instructions in the received email.

Add another license

You can maintain more than one license in your account. To add a new license:

1.In the Licenses section, click Show all licenses.

2.At the top right, click +Add license.

3.Type or copy a valid license key into the blank field and click Add license.


You can find the license key in an email from ESET or on a license card included in your boxed product.

License added automatically

Licenses are associated automatically while creating a ESET HOME account when the license registration email address is the same as the  ESET HOME account registration email address.

I cannot add my license to ESET HOME

You received an error message, "This license is already managed by another account.". The same license cannot be added to more than one ESET HOME account.

Your license might be pirated. Contact ESET Technical Support.