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Leaked password

To help protect your account against attacks, ESET checks your password against data breach databases every time you log in or create a new ESET HOME account.

If ESET HOME warns you that your current ESET HOME account password appeared in a data breach database, this does not mean that the password was leaked from ESET. It means that your password appeared in one of the databases from various internet breaches. These password databases are available on the internet for attackers to use, making it easier for attackers to breach your account security.

What if my password was leaked?

1.Create a new password.


Your password must be at least 10 characters long and contain a lowercase letter, an uppercase (CAPITAL) letter, and at least one number. To create a strong password, use the ESET Password generator.

2.If your password is exposed in a data leak, then all services using the same password are at risk too. We strongly advise changing it to a new unique password. Start using ESET Password Manager to protect and store all your passwords securely.


We recommend activating Two-factor authentication to increase the security of your ESET HOME account.