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What is new in the EMA 2

EMA 2 is the current version of ESET MSP Administrator (EMA 1 reached its End of Life status).

Overview of new features in EMA 2 (when compared to EMA 1):

Improved Web Console interface:

oProcess notifications

oSupport additional web browsers

Additional supported products (for example, ESET Secure Authentication On-Prem, ESET LiveGuard Advanced, ESET Endpoint Encryption)

Provisioning of cloud products (ESET Cloud Office Security, ESET PROTECT, ESET Inspect)

View license status and License Usage report per customer

Management of activated units

Log management

Access level permissions for users

Assign users to customers

Two-factor authentication support

Integration with ESET PROTECT On-Prem, ESET PROTECT and ESET Security Management Center (the ESMC is in limited support)

Single sign-on with ESET Business Account (EBA), ESET Cloud Office Security and ESET PROTECT

New API implementation


See the changelog for each released version of ESET MSP Administrator 2.