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About the product

ESET PROTECT is a multi-tenant, scalable cloud console that manages ESET products remotely.

An MSP can have only one ESET PROTECT instance, even if more than one customer has an eligible license. One ESET PROTECT instance can serve all eligible customers, up to 50,000 total client devices.

Before using the ESET PROTECT, you must order the license bundle and activate the instance.

You can access the ESET PROTECT console from the Dashboard or Main menu in ESET MSP Administrator 2.

After you have an active instance, you can remove or suspend it.

You can share access to the cloud console with other ESET MSP Administrator 2 users. See the permission scenarios for ESET PROTECT.

Find out more in the ESET PROTECT product documentation.

Activation and licenses

To create the ESET PROTECT instance, you need at least one company with the Cloud-eligible license bundle seats. In the ESET PROTECT, you can use only eligible license bundles, ESET LiveGuard Advanced and ESET Full Disk Encryption. Other licenses are not synchronized from EMA 2 to ESET PROTECT.

Hybrid accounts

A user of a hybrid account uses the same email for logging in to ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator 2. It has specified access rights for each portal. The instance of ESET PROTECT is accessible from both portals. The portal used for setting up the instance is the managing portal, and the instance can be removed or suspended only from that portal. If the eligible license in the managing portal expires or is removed, the linked ESET PROTECT instance will be suspended even if the other portal has an eligible license.

Managing mobile devices

ESET PROTECT can remotely manage Android devices. The Cloud Mobile Device Management (cMDM) is available with a cloud license bundle that contains Endpoint Security seats. The seats for managed mobile devices are subtracted from the ESET Endpoint Security + File Security license seats.


1.Get the license and activate your instance.

2.Log in to the ESET PROTECT console.

3.Your eligible license bundles from ESET MSP Administrator 2 are synchronized to ESET PROTECT.

4.Follow the Getting started with ESET PROTECT guide.