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Permissions for activation

A root user or user with Write permissions over an MSP company can activate (or delete) an ESET PROTECT instance.

Activation steps

I. Verify your company has ESET PROTECT available

1.Log in to EMA 2.

2.Click My company > Details.

3.In the Available products tile, verify one of the eligible bundles is available. If the applicable bundle is not on the list, ask your MSP manager to add it for you.

II. Add the ESET PROTECT eligible license to your customer

The ESET PROTECT console is provided as an additional feature for users who buy an eligible license. There is not a seat number for the ESET PROTECT in the license bundle.

1.Log in to EMA 2.

2.Click Companies.

3.Select a customer.

4.Click Licenses and select Add license.

5.Select one of the eligible license bundles, type the number of units and click Add.

III. Activate your ESET PROTECT instance

1.After you buy an eligible license, navigate to the EMA 2 Dashboard.

2.Look for the ESET PROTECT tile, click Activate.

3.If there are more data center locations available, select one. Select the I agree to the Agreement check box and click Activate.

4.When the ESET PROTECT instance is ready, open the Web Console.