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Permission scenarios

ESET PROTECT permissions

You can set up ESET PROTECT user permissions only if you have a ESET PROTECT instance active. The setup dialog is available when editing or creating a user.

Regardless of the number of MSP customers who are managed using ESET PROTECT, you only have one instance of the ESET PROTECT console.

EMA 2 users with Read/Write/Custom ESET PROTECT permissions can log in to the ESET PROTECT console using their EMA 2 login and manage the customers' computers and products according to their access level.

User permissions in ESET PROTECT and ESET MSP Administrator 2 are separate. For example, the user can have full access in ESET PROTECT while having no access in ESET MSP Administrator 2.

Permission types

You can set or change the permissions for a user via User management.

Write—User has full access to the ESET PROTECT and can access all customers in your ESET PROTECT instance.

Read—User can view all collected data in the ESET PROTECT and can see all customers in your ESET PROTECT instance.

Custom—User with a custom permission set needs to have a defined permission set in the ESET PROTECT console. Otherwise, the user has no rights over any objects.

No access—User cannot access the ESET PROTECT.