Activated units

Click Companies, click the three dots icon_3dots next to the applicable customer name and then select Show details. Click Activated units.

The Activated units tab displays a list of the devices that have been activated and is sorted by license. Click All licenses to see the products activated for all licenses owned by the company or select a specific license to see only the products activated with that license. EMA 2 will check for activated devices/units based on your MSP account and will display a list of the devices sorted by activation date.


You can change the seat name or deactivate the product on a device from the Activated units screen. Select the applicable device and select Change seat name or Deactivate.

Deactivation and renaming a seat is available only to a parent of the subject. For example, an MSP can deactivate a customer seat.

Deactivate a seat

1.In the Activated units section select the device (seat) to deactivate.

2.Select deactivate from the menu.


3.To confirm, click Deactivate.


Rename a seat

1.In the Activated units section select the device (seat) to rename.

2.Select Change seat name from the menu.


3.Type the new seat name and click Save.