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Using ESET Inspect Cloud

About ESET Inspect Cloud

ESET Inspect Cloud collects data in real time on endpoint devices. The data is matched against a set of rules to detect suspicious activities automatically. This data enables a security professional to search for unusual and suspicious activities more efficiently and enables an accurate incident response, management and reporting. ESET Inspect Cloud provides the Managed Detection and Response (MDR)—outsourced cybersecurity services protecting customers' data and assets, even if a cyber threat avoids detection by standard security solutions.

Pre-requisites and eligible license

ESET Inspect Cloud works together with the ESET PROTECT Cloud instance. You can activate ESET Inspect Cloud only if you have an already active ESET PROTECT Cloud, or you can activate them together. You have one console instance regardless of the number of MSP customers with eligible licenses.

To activate the ESET Inspect Cloud, you need the following:

write permissions to your parent company

at least one company with the eligible license bundle seats.

The eligible license is ESET PROTECT Enterprise.


Information for mixed ESET MSP Administrator 2 and ESET Business Account users

Only a user with Write permissions over an MSP company can activate or delete an ESET Inspect Cloud instance.