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Suspend or delete the ESET Inspect

Delete the ESET Inspect instance


If you delete ESET PROTECT, your ESET Inspect is also removed.

You can delete the ESET Inspect instance and keep ESET PROTECT.

To permanently remove an active ESET Inspect instance:

1.Log in to ESET MSP Administrator 2.

2.Click Dashboard.

3.Click the gear icon in the ESET Inspect tile > Delete ESET Inspect Cloud.

4.Type your ESET MSP Administrator 2 account password in the confirmation field.

5.Click Delete.

6.After a moment, your instance is deactivated.


Deleting the ESET Inspect instance will not remove the ESET Inspect from your network. See the ESET Inspect documentation for more information.

Suspend the ESET Inspect instance

Your ESET Inspect gets suspended when you suspend the last eligible license or customer with the last eligible license in your account. After the instance is suspended, all its data is saved for 30 days. After that period, the instance and all its data are removed. After activating the instance, you have to redeploy all ESET Inspect Connectors and set up all policies from scratch.

If you suspend a customer but have at least one eligible customer left unsuspended, the ESET Inspect is still accessible. You can also manage the computers of suspended customers. Suspended endpoints will report license alerts.