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About ESET MSP Administrator 2

ESET MSP Administrator 2 (EMA 2) is a license management system for ESET MSP partners.

This Online Help guide provides instructions to the EMA 2 system. The primary benefits of EMA 2 include:

License management

License usage reporting

User and rights management

MSP customer management

For more information about the ESET MSP program, contact your local ESET partner or visit the ESET Managed Service Provider Program page.

See the video in the English language for more information on the MSP portal.

ESET MSP Administrator 2 overview video

ESET Status portal

ESET Status Portal provides an up-to-date view of ESET services availability. It provides a view of ESET services and reports on service statuses, including past incidents. If you are an ESET user experiencing any issues with your ESET service and ESET Status Portal does not indicate them, contact ESET Technical Support.

Who is this Guide for?

There are several types of users in ESET MSP Administrator 2, this guide is for MSPs and Managed MSP users.



Hierarchy in ESET MSP Administrator 2

ESET MSP Administrator 2 company hierarchy consists of the following levels:

1.ESET HQ–The root of the whole hierarchy.

2.Distributor–An ESET partner in specific countries that distributes (sells) ESET products.

3.Division–A Distributor who can group/divide specific subordinated companies into Divisions.

4.MSP (Company)–Managed Service Provider company that provides computer maintenance services.

5.MSP Manager (Company)–Special type of MSP Company, it manages and is responsible for Managed MSP Companies.

6.Managed MSP (Company)–Special type of MSP Company that MSP Manager Company manages.

7.MSP Customer–Company that hired an MSP Company.