The Settings section enables the administrator to adjust the delivery properties of Syslog information to your Syslog server and specify the data retention policy for Cloud console logs.



Enable the ESET PROTECT Cloud to send notifications and event messages to your Syslog server. Also, export logs from a client computer's ESET product and send them to the Syslog server.


Data Retention

Specify the cleanup period for specific types of logs stored in the Cloud console. Indicate the number of days/weeks/months/years the logs will be stored on the server for each category. You can set the cleaning interval for each of these types of logs:

Log type

Example of log type

Detection logs

Detection logs with high severity.

Management logs

Data about Quality of Service.

Audit logs

Audit log reports.

Monitoring logs

Web Control logs, Device control logs, HIPS logs with low severity.

Diagnostic logs are cleaned every day. The user cannot change the cleaning interval. arrow_down_business See the list of logs.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) synchronization

This menu allows you to setup synchronization with ABM servers which is required for iOS ABM enrollment.

How to setup iOS ABM synchronization.