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The Settings section enables the administrator to adjust the delivery properties of Syslog information to your Syslog server and specify the data retention policy for Cloud console logs.


The Settings section is available only to a user with sufficient permissions (for example, Superuser (ESET Business Account) / Root User (ESET MSP Administrator) account).



Enable the ESET PROTECT to send notifications and event messages to your Syslog server. Also, export logs from a client computer's ESET product and send them to the Syslog server.

Data Retention

Specify the cleanup period for specific types of logs stored in the Cloud console. Indicate the number of days/weeks/months/years the logs will be stored on the server for each category. You can set the cleaning interval for each of these types of logs:

Log type

Example of log type

Detection logs


icon_blocked Blocked files

icon_firewall Firewall

icon_hips HIPS

icon_web_protection Web protection (filtered websites)

Management logs



Exported configuration


Audit logs

Audit Log and the Audit log report.

Monitoring logs

Device Control

Web Control

Logged users

Diagnostic logs are cleaned every day. The user cannot change the cleaning interval.

Storage Limits:

Log type




Detection logs

1 day

90 days

365 days

Management logs

1 day

30 days

30 days

Audit logs

1 day

180 days

730 days

Monitoring logs

1 day

30 days

30 days

Learn more about what happens with the stored data after the last eligible license expiration.

Session protection for Web Console

Block requests from different IP addresses:

Enable: if you want to limit the range of IP addresses that can access your Web Console.


oDisable permanently - this will allow users to access your Web Console from unfiltered range of IP addresses.

oDisable for - select a time period for how long the IP address access limitation will be disabled.

Static Groups

Automatically pair found computers - If Enabled, this setting enables automatic pairing of found computers with computers already present in static groups based on the hostname reported by the ESET Management Agent.

If the pairing fails, the computer will be placed in the Lost&Found group.

If the Agent does not reliably report the hostname, we recommend disabling automatic pairing.

Mobile Device management

Apple Business Manager (ABM) synchronization

See Apple Business Manager (ABM) synchronization (iOS).

Microsoft Intune Synchronization

See Microsoft Intune synchronization (Android).

VMware Workspace ONE Synchronization

See VMware Workspace ONE synchronization (Android).

Migration of Mobile Devices from ESET PROTECT (on-premises)

See more details in MDM Migration Tool.