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Android—Microsoft Intune synchronization

If you use Microsoft Intune, you can synchronize your Microsoft Intune account with ESET PROTECT Cloud to manage your Microsoft Intune Android devices with ESET PROTECT Cloud.



Prepare your Microsoft Intune for Android enrollment.

Connect your Microsoft Intune with your Managed Google Play account.

Enroll devices as Android Enterprise.

Migrate the devices enrolled as Android device administrator before enrollment.

1.In ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console, click More > Settings > Microsoft Intune Synchronization.

2.Click Get token.

3.Sign in with your Microsoft Intune Account.

4.After a successful login, a Permission request is required for ESET PROTECT Cloud. Review the provided information and click Accept to continue and to add a valid Authentication token to your ESET PROTECT Cloud instance.


If there is an issue with the Authorization token import process, refer to the infobox for troubleshooting details.


5.Under Enrollment settings, select one of the enrollment methods:

oEnroll all Android devices—All Android devices in Microsoft Intune will be automatically enrolled to your ESET PROTECT Cloud.

oEnroll Android devices for all users—Only enroll Android devices with the assigned user in Microsoft Intune to your ESET PROTECT Cloud.

oEnroll Android devices from Microsoft Intune groups—Only enroll Android devices that are part of selected Microsoft Intune groups to your ESET PROTECT Cloud.

6.Select the License used to activate the enrolled Android devices.

7.Select a Parent group where the enrolled Android devices will belong after the enrollment.

8.Apply enrollment settings to save and apply all selected enrollment parameters.

Microsoft Intune Android devices are now available for management in both ESET PROTECT Cloud and Microsoft Intune.


When you enroll a device with Android 9 and later via Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace ONE, ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 3.5 and later ignores the following policy settings:

Device security

Application control