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Cloud Mobile Device Management

ESET Cloud Mobile Device Management (Cloud MDM) is an add-on feature native to the ESET remote management console. ESET Cloud MDM provides Android and iOS mobile device management and mobile security administration.

ESET Cloud MDM provides an agent-less solution where the management Agent is not running directly on the mobile device (to save battery and performance of the mobile device). Instead, the management agent for the mobile device is virtualized in the ESET cloud.

Security and connection certificate management is managed by ESET, so the administrator does not have to worry about the certificate renewal process or if the certificates are up to the latest security standards.

Verify that your mobile device OS version is supported for Cloud MDM management and that you meet the network requirements.


To prevent possible connection problems, enrolled mobile device should connect to the ESET PROTECT Cloud at least once every 15 days. You can see this information in the enrollment email.

The mobile device management process consists of three parts:

Mobile device management setup

Mobile device enrollment

Mobile device security management