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CMDM Management

After the successful enrollment of your Android mobile devices you can start to manage them.

Out of the standard endpoint management available for all endpoint devices mobile device management offers several features available only for mobile device management.

Anti-Theft actions: These are tasks available for managed mobile devices only, such as Find, Lock and Factory reset. These enable administrator to remotely locate the mobile device, Lock it and if the situation requires, wipe the mobile device.

Remote application installation: With the ESET Endpoint for Android (2+) policy, you can remotely force the mobile device to install required application by adding them to the list in the policy.

To do so, navigate to your existing applied ESET Endpoint for Android (2+) policy (or create a new one for this purpose). Under Application control, enable the Enable Application control setting. Click List of applications and add the application you want to remotely install on the mobile device. These applications will be remotely installed on the mobile device after the policy is applied.