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OS updates management

ESET Endpoint Security for Android allows an administrator to manage Android operating system updates on managed Android devices.


This functionality requires ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 3.0, Android version 8.x and later, and the Android device must be enrolled in a Device Owner mode.

To manage the OS updates on managed devices, create a new policy:

1.Click Policies > New Policy.

2.In Settings, select ESET Endpoint Security for Android.

3.In Device Security, select Device Security and enable the Enable Device Security setting.

4.To activate the OS management functionality, navigate to System Updates Management and enable Manage System Updates.

From this section you can set the different rules of Android OS updated on your managed Android devices:

System update policy:

oAutomatic—Android OS update will be executed without delay.

oWindowed—Android OS update will be executed only during a specified maintenance window in the Daily maintenance window setting.

oPostponed for 30 days—Android OS update will be executed 30 days after its release date.

Daily maintenance window—Set a specific time for the OS update to be executed on the managed Android device.

Freeze periods—Specify multiple time periods that devices cannot be updated.