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Web control for Android

Use ESET Endpoint Security for Android to regulate website access on your managed Android devices. Web control can regulate access to websites that may violate intellectual property rights and protect your company from the risk of legal liability. The goal is to prevent employees from accessing pages with inappropriate or harmful content and pages that may negatively impact productivity.


Web control for Android is supported by ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 3.0 and later.

By default, Web control is disabled. To activate it, you will need to create a new policy:

1.Click Policies > New Policy.

2.In the New Policy window, navigate to Settings and select ESET Endpoint Security for Android.

3.In the Web Protection section of the policy, expand Web Control and enable the Web Control toggle.

4.Whitelist and blacklist specific links or categories. Use the Web Control policy to specify a list of URLs for three different categories:

Blacklist - Block the URL with no option or access

Whitelist - Allow access to the URL

Warning - Warns the user about the URL but gives an option to access

Each of these sections can be managed by the following actions:

Add - Add a new record with a specific URL address

Edit - Edit an existing URL address

Remove - Remove an existing report of a URL address

Import - Import a list of new URL addresses to the category

Export - Export a list of URL addresses from the selected category


For rules that control access to a given website, type the full URL in the URL field.

Special symbols * (asterisk) and ? (question mark) can be used in the URL field.

When adding a domain address, all content located on this domain and all subdomains (for example will be blocked or allowed based on the chosen action.

Another option is to Allow/Block a whole set of URLs based on their category under Category rules.

In the Category rules window, select an action for a specific category of URLs and specify which sub-category should be affected:

Allow - Allow access to the URL from a selected category

Block - Block access to the URL from a selected category

Warn - Warn the user about the URL from a selected category