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Audit Log

When a user performs an action in the ESET PROTECT Web Console, the action is logged. Audit logs are created if a ESET PROTECT Web Console object (for example, computer, policy, detection, etc.) is created or modified.

Audit Log is a new screen available in the ESET PROTECT. Audit Log contains the same information as the Audit log report, but it allows convenient filtering of the displayed data. You can also directly view the filtered audit log for various Web Console objects by clicking the Web Console object and selecting audit_log Audit Log.

Audit Log allows the Administrator to inspect the activities performed in the ESET PROTECT Web Console, especially if there are more Web Console users.


To view the Audit log, the Web Console user must have a permission set with the Audit log functionality.


The Audit log permissions enables the user to view logged actions of all other users and domains, even those related to assets the user does not have sufficient rights to view.


Click a line in Audit Log and you can perform the following actions:

details_default Show Object Details

Show the details of the audited object.

mn_icn_user_normal Show User Details

Show details of the user who performed the action on the object.

audit_log Audit Log

Show the Audit Log for the selected object.

selected_user Audit Log for selected User

Show the Audit Log for the selected user.

time_interval Time window for selected object

Show the Audit Log for the selected object with an activated filter of time occurrence.

Filtering the view

To add filtering criteria, click Add Filter:

1.In some filters, you can select the operator by clicking the operator icon next to the filter name (the available operators depend on the filter type):

icon_equals Equal or Contains

icon_does_not_equal Not equal or Doesn´t contain

icon_greater_than_or_equal More

icon_less_than_or_equal Less

2.Select item(s) from the list. Type the search string(s) or select the items from the drop-down menu in the filter field(s).

3.Press Enter. Active filters are highlighted in blue.

You can filter the table view by various criteria:

<= Occurred - Set the date and time before which the action occurred.

>= Occurred - Set the date and time after which the action occurred.

Action - Select the performed action.

Audit Domain - Select the modified Web Console object.

Audit User - Select the Web Console user who performed the action.

Result - Select the action result.