You can enroll people you trust to help you manage a certain share of your licenses.



Security Administrator accounts are not migrated from ESET License Administrator to the ESET Business Account portal when migrating licenses.

1.In ESET Business Account (EBA) portal, click Add user in the Dashboard, or navigate to User management, and then click New User.


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2.Type in required personal details. Make sure that you use a valid email address, so that the user receives the confirmation email (may take up to 15 minutes to deliver) that includes the activation link.  


If you want the new user to use two-factor authentication, a mobile phone number is required.

3.Assign desired permissions regarding company and/or sites. Click Create.


Language of user interface

The Language selected will be used as the display language in ESET Business Account portal. There is no option to select language from the login screen. Display language can be changed in the portal after clicking your name.

Superuser superuser_icon - Owner of a particular EBA account by default. The only user who can request activation of the ESET Cloud Administrator account.


To allow another user to manage other users, select Allow administrator to create, edit and delete all users for this Business Account. An additional user is not able to delete the initial creator of particular Business Account.


Company access:

Read — View Alerts, Licenses, Sites, Audit logs and Activated device

Write — View and manage Alerts, Licenses, Sites and Activated devices

No Access — Users cannot view any company information, only information related to the Sites they are associated with

If you select No Access for a user, you must associate them with at least one site, and select the desired permission (Read, Write) regarding the particular site.


Access rights – site permissions:

Read — View site related Alerts, Licenses and Audit logs

Write — View and manage site related Alerts, Licenses

Specify permission per site.


Cloud administrator access:

Read — Users can access ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA), see computers, reports, threats,  but cannot manage computers remotely

Write — Users can access ECA, see and manage computers, and review related reports and threats

No Access — Users cannot access ECA

Delete users

To delete a single user, click the user, select Delete, click Delete in the conformation dialog.

To delete multiple users, select the checkbox next to each user to be deleted, click Delete, click Delete again in the confirmation dialog.



If a user is deleted from your EBA account, his/her account cannot be recovered.