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Activate, suspend or delete an ESET PROTECT

ESET PROTECT is a robust solution for managing endpoint and server security.


Mixed ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator account

If you use both an ESET MSP Administrator account and ESET Business Account, you can activate/deactivate ESET PROTECT only from one of those accounts. An eligible license is required.



License required to activate ESET PROTECT

An eligible license is required to activate ESET PROTECT directly from the dashboard of the ESET Business Account portal. Trial licenses activated in the ESET Business Account portal are eligible.

Contact your local ESET partner for more information on eligible licenses.

If you are a superuser and you start a free trial or import an eligible license, you can activate ESET PROTECT from the EBA portal:

1.Navigate to Dashboard and click Start free trial in the ESET PROTECT tile.


Complete the activation of ESET PROTECT later

If you cancel the activation of ESET PROTECT, you can click Activate in the corresponding tile later.

2.In the next window, review and select the Terms of Use for the ESET LiveGuard Advanced, then click Continue.

3.The activation wizard will refer to the Terms of Use of ESET PROTECT and display the optimal data center location based on your current location. Choose your preferred Language from the drop-down menu, select I agree to the Terms of Use and click Activate.


4.Wait until the Your ESET PROTECT is ready notification window is displayed.

5.If you exit the notification window, you can access ESET PROTECT by clicking Open in the ESET PROTECT tile in the Dashboard. Click Continue.

6.To activate two-factor authentication, click Activate. To skip the activation, click Continue.

7.The ESET PROTECT Web Console will open in a new browser tab.


If the last eligible license expires, you have a 14-day grace period to renew the license or add a new license eligible for ESET PROTECT to avoid suspension of your ESET PROTECT instance. When your ESET PROTECT is suspended, it becomes inaccessible and non-functional. You have 30 days to restore the service by renewing the license or importing a new license eligible for ESET PROTECT.

If the last eligible license is removed from ESET Business Account, the ESET PROTECT becomes suspended immediately.


1.Before deleting ESET PROTECT, uninstall ESET PROTECT agent from managed devices.

2.To delete ESET PROTECT, click the gear icon eba_icon_settings_grey on the ESET PROTECT tile in the Dashboard and click Delete ESET PROTECT.


3.To confirm the deletion, type your ESET Business Account password in the Password confirmation field and click Delete.


Contact ESET Technical Support

If you need to contact ESET support regarding your activated ESET PROTECT, you will need to provide the ID of your ESET PROTECT instance that is located in the Help > About section of the ESET Business Account portal.