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ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) version 2.8 (and later) supports license activation from your registered ESET Business Account (EBA) portal account.

License pool

1.You have an ESA license with 10 seats; therefore, two-factor authentication (2FA) protection is available for 10 users.

2.You activate ESA with your EBA account.

3.If you need 20 additional seats, you can purchase a new ESA license with 20 seats, import them to your EBA account, and allocate them to the same site as the previous license.

4.You can enable 2FA for additional users without having to reactivate ESA.

Managing ESA SDK keys

To use the ESA SDK, you must generate an API key (key) and an API secret (secret).

1.Log in to the ESET Business Account portal.

2.Click Licenses > ESET Secure Authentication SDK.

3.Click Activate.

4.Select a license pool that contains an ESA license.

5.Click Activate.

6.The portal will generate and display a unique key and secret to use in ESA SDK.

To deactivate SDK for a certain key, revoke the key.

1.Click Licenses > ESET Secure Authentication SDK.

2.Click the key you want to revoke and select Revoke.

3.Click Revoke to complete the process.


To move a key to another site (license pool), follow the steps below.

1.Click Licenses > ESET Secure Authentication SDK.

2.Click the key you want to move to a different license pool and select Reactivate.

3.Select the desired license pool and click Reactivate.

SMS Credits

Since ESA v2.8 joined ESET's core licensing framework, SMS credits (to deliver one-time passwords via SMS) can be added only through the EBA portal.


Reactivate ESA using your EBA account

If you used a single license key to activate ESA previously, you would have to reactivate ESA using your EBA account.

1.Purchase an eligible ESA SMS credit license from your reseller.

2.Import the license key in the EBA portal to the same site (license pool) you used to activate your ESA installation.

3.After a short time, check the number of OTP SMS credits in ESA Web Console at Settings > License, click Refresh.