Sites represent branch offices. To assign certain license share to specific branch offices, each office has to be created in ESET Business Account portal as a site. Users also can be assigned to specific sites if needed. If a user is assigned to a specific site, he or she can manage licenses assigned to that particular site only.

To create the first site, navigate to Details > Overview, click CREATE SITE. Afterward, additional sites can be created directly in the Sites screen by clicking New site.

Create additional Sites

In the New site screen, type in the details of the branch office that the site is going to represent, assign users and a certain share of licenses to it if applicable, and then click Create.

The Sites menu will display in the left-hand menu of the ESET Business Account portal and the corresponding screen will display a list of your existing sites. If there are any devices that have not been assigned to any site, a notification is displayed. Click the notification to see a list of devices not assigned to any site.


You can add additional sites (branch offices) by clicking New site. You can also delete sites.

Deleting the last site will hide the Sites menu item.