Alerts represent notifications about approaching license expiration, expired licenses, no seats left and so on. Additional ESET Cloud Administrator related notifications also appear in the Alerts screen. If an alert is resolved, click it and select Mark as resolved. To mark several alerts as resolved at the same time, select each of them, click Mark as... , and then click Mark as resolved. The alert will remain in the list, but its background will turn to white and the number of not resolved alerts will decrease.


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Use the Status filters eba_alert_status_filter_inactive_icons  to display alerts with the desired status by the following filters:

eba_satus_icon_info — Information about successfully accomplished actions.

eba_satus_icon_warning — This requires your attention and should not be skipped. Usually, it provides non-critical but significant information.

eba_satus_icon_error — Critical information you should treat with increased caution.