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Dynamic Group Templates

Dynamic group templates establish the criteria computers must meet to be placed in a Dynamic group. When these criteria are met by a client, a client will automatically be moved into the appropriate Dynamic Group.


A template is a static object stored in a Static group. Users must have appropriate permissions to access templates. A user needs access permissions to be able to work with Dynamic Group templates. All pre-defined templates are located in the static group All and are by default available only to the Administrator. Other users need to be assigned additional permissions. As a result, users may be unable to see or use default templates. The templates can be moved to a group where the users have permissions.

To duplicate a template, the user must be assigned Use permissions (for Dynamic Group templates) for the group where the source template is located, and Write permissions for the user's home group (where the duplicate will be stored). See the object duplication example.

Create New Dynamic Group Template

Rules for a Dynamic Group Template

Dynamic Group Template - examples

Manage Dynamic Group Templates

Templates can be managed from More > Dynamic Group Templates.

New Template

Click to create a New Template in your home group.

details_default Show Details

See the summary of information about selected template.

audit_log Audit Log

View the Audit Log for the selected item.

icon_tags Tags

Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

edit_default Edit

Edit selected template. Click Save as if you want to keep your existing template and create a new one based on the template you are editing. When prompted, specify the name for your new template.

duplicate_default Duplicate

Create a new Dynamic Group Templates based on the selected template. A new name will be required for the duplicate task. The duplicated template will be stored in your home group.

delete_default Delete

Remove the template permanently.


Import Dynamic Group Templates from a file. During import, file structure is being verified to ensure file is not corrupted.

export_default Export

Export the selected Dynamic Group Templates to a file for backup or migration purposes. We do not recommend any edits to the file - they may make the data unusable.

move_default Access Group > move_default Move

Move the object to another Static Group where it is available to users with sufficient rights for the target group. Changing the Access Group is useful when solving access issues with other users. Access Group sets the object's Static Group and access to the object based on the user's access rights.

Filters and layout customization

You can customize the current Web Console screen view:

Manage the side panel and main table.

Add filters and filter presets. You can use tags for filtering the displayed items.