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User actions and user details

To manage a user, select the applicable user and select one of the available actions:


details_default Show Details - View user details.

audit_log Audit Log - View the Audit Log for all users.

selected_user Audit Log for selected user - View the Audit Log for the selected user.

icon_tags Tags - Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

change_default Assign permission sets - Assign a permission set to the user.

Access Rights

move_default Access Group > move_default Move - Move the object to another Static Group where it is available to users with sufficient rights for the target group. Changing the Access Group is useful when solving access issues with other users. Access Group sets the object's Static Group and access to the object based on the user's access rights.



User details

There are two sections in user details:

Overview - Basic information about the user. You can manage the user using the Actions button at the bottom.

Permission Sets - The list of permission sets assigned to the user. Click a permission set to manage it.