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Synchronize ESET PROTECT with Active Directory

Use the ESET Active Directory Scanner to synchronize Active Directory computers and users with the ESET PROTECT Web Console.


ESET regularly updates the Active Directory Scanner to enhance its functionality. You can find more details in the changelog.


Run the Active Directory Scanner as an Active Directory user on a computer connected to Active Directory.

Supported operating systems (support for HTTP/2): Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and later.

Download and install .NET Core Runtime.

Prepare the user configuration file (config.json) for Active Directory User Synchronization. config.json is included in the Active Directory Scanner zip file.

User access rights permission for AD Scanner Access Token: Write

Using the Active Directory Scanner

1.In the ESET PROTECT Web Console, create the Agent GPO deployment script.

2.Log in to a computer in your Active Directory with an Active Directory user account. Ensure it meets the prerequisites listed above.

3.Download the latest Active Directory Scanner to the computer.

4.Unzip the downloaded file.

5.Download the Agent GPO deployment script (created in step 1) and copy it to the ActiveDirectoryScanner folder (containing all Active Directory Scanner files).

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