Agent deployment using GPO or SCCM

Apart from local deployment, you can also use management tools such as Group Policy Object (GPO), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Symantec Altiris or Puppet for remote deployment of Agent.You can create a GPO/SCCM script for Agent deployment on Windows from Quick Links > Windows devices or Installers > Create Installer.

1.Click Windows > Customize installer > Use GPO or SCCM for deployment.

2.Select the Participate in product improvement program check box to send anonymous telemetry data and crash report to ESET (OS version and type, ESET product version and other product-specific information).

3.Parent group (optional) - Select the Parent group where the ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console will place the computer after an Agent installation. You can select an existing static group or create a new one to which the device will be assigned after the installer is deployed. Selecting a Parent group will add all policies applied to the group to the installer.

4.Server hostname (optional) - Type the ESET PROTECT Cloud Server hostname or IP address. If necessary, specify the Port number (default is 2222).

5.arrow_down_business Customize more settings

6.Click Finish.

7.Download the GPO/SCCM script and Agent installers (32-bit, 64-bit, ARM64). Alternatively, you can download the Agent installer .msi files from ESET download page - Standalone installers section.

Click the appropriate link below to view step-by-step instructions for two popular ESET Management Agent remote deployment methods:

Deployment of ESET Management Agent using Group Policy Object (GPO) - This Knowledgebase article may not be available in your language.

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