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ESET Management Agent settings

You can configure specific settings for ESET Management Agent using a ESET Management Agent policy. There are no pre-defined policies for the ESET Management Agent. To create a ESET Management Agent policy, click Policies > New Policy and in the Settings section select ESET Management Agent where you can adjust the following settings:

icon_sectionAdvanced Settings

HTTP Proxy - Use a proxy server to facilitate internet traffic to clients on your network. Select or unselect the Use direct connection if HTTP proxy is not available check box to enable or disable this fallback option.

Operating System - Use the toggles to report certain information or issues on the client computer. For example, enable Report non-ESET-installed applications to enable reporting of the installed third-party applications.

Product Improvement Program - Enable or disable transmission of crash reports and anonymous telemetry data to ESET.

Logging - Set the log verbosity to determine the level of information that will be collected and logged, from Trace (informational) to Fatal (most important critical information). The latest ESET Management Agent log file can be found on a client computer.

Setup - Password protected setup is a protection feature of ESET Management Agent (Windows only). Set password to enable ESET Management Agent Password protection. After the policy is applied, ESET Management Agent cannot be uninstalled or repaired unless a password is provided.


If you forget this password, you will not be able to uninstall ESET Management Agent from the target machine.


Specify the clients that will receive this policy. Click Assign to display all Static and Dynamic Groups and their members. Select the computer that you want to apply a policy on and click OK.


Review the settings for this policy and click Finish.