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This section enables simplified deployment of the following products:

ESET LiveGuard Advanced

ESET Full Disk Encryption

For each of the products, you can select one of these options:

Try - request a Trial license for a selected product if you have unlicensed users.

Buy - purchase a license for the selected product.

Enable - enable the selected product to all eligible devices. For more details, see the sub-sections for each product.

Click the gear_icon gear icon > delete_defaultRemove to remove ESET LiveGuard Advanced or ESET Full Disk Encryption from all devices.

Learn more - Open a short informational page about the selected product.

You can also access the drill-down from the graph for each category represented and display the first 100 devices.


Deployment limitations

The user account requires Write permission to activate this functionality.

There is a one-time-only option to try this functionality per one MSP Company.