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My company

View your company details such as account status, tags and the available products you can assign to your MSP Customers.

License usage tab

For more information about License usage reporting by your company, see Reports.

Access rights tab

All users with permissions over your (current) company are listed here. Manage access rights to your company in this menu.

Add access to a user

To add access rights to an existing user:

1.Click Add User.

2.Select check boxes next to applicable users.

3.In the Access column, select the appropriate access level.

4.To confirm, click Add.

Change access rights

To change the access rights of a user:

1.Click the three dots icon_3dots next to the applicable user(s).

2.Click Change access.

3.Select the new access level.

4.Click Save.

Details tab

The Details tab provides an overview of your company information, for example, email, address, VAT ID, identifiers, available products and your MSP settings.

Change company email

1.Next to your email address, click the pen icon edit_company.

2.Type your MSP account password.

3.Select one of the listed users. This user's email address is the new company email.

4.Click Apply.