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To access Password Manager settings, click the Password Manager in the extension bar > menu Menu icon > Settings.


See General settings.


See My Account to synchronize, change your Master Password or email address, or set the Two-factor authentication.

Device Settings

In this section (available only in the ESET Password Manager app), you can:

Enable/disable biometrics

Enable/disable Autofill—To enable Autofill, choose the ESET Password Manager option in the Autofill service

Switch to popup/inline Autofill—Based on your preferences, set the popup or inline autofill.

Change PIN code—Enter your Mater password and then change your PIN code

Enable/disable in-app screenshots


The Inactivity lock feature allows you to select the amount of time that Password Manager can be inactive before Password Manager will lock itself. You will need to type the master password again to unlock Password Manager. We do not recommend using Password Manager with the Inactivity lock feature disabled. See How to unlock Password Manager. When using the Remember me feature during log-in, the Inactivity lock re-writes the setting and you will be logged-out after the set time period.


Select the language for your Password Manager.


Export data—Export allows you to create encrypted backups of your password manager database in .json format. You can also create unencrypted files in .csv format; however, we do not recommend using unencrypted files for passwords or personal data backup. For more information, read the following ESET Knowledgebase article.

Import data—Import your passwords and personal data from browsers or other password managers. To import data, click Menu > Settings > Data > Import data. For more information, read the following ESET Knowledgebase article. See Supported import formats.

Manage blocked websites—Customize the functionality for the websites you visit. See Blocked websites.

Manage unique websites—Save passwords to individual subdomains. See Multiple credentials for the same website.