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Security Report

Choose Menu menu > Security Report to display stored passwords and device security information. If your Master Password is not strong enough, Password Manager will help you change it.

A leaked password check will compare your passwords to breached passwords on To do so, click Start leaked password check.

Two-factor authentication informs you about the state of the authentication to your ESET Password Manager account.


Rooted/jailbroken device (available in Password Manager app only)

A rooted Android device or jailbroken iOS device is risky. When is performed, other illegitimate software might control the device's settings or operating system and compromise the security of your device or data. Read ESET mobile applications on a rooted or jailbroken device for more information (the article may not be available in all languages).



Contact your trusted mobile service center if you are unaware of rooting/jailbreaking on your device.

Device Authentication (available in Password Manager app only)

Anyone can use your device without set access authentication (screen lock). Enable Device Authentication, such as a PIN, password or biometric authentication, to protect your device and keep your data safe. To set up authentication on your Android device, tap Device Authentication > Open settings in Password Manager application. On your iOS device, open the device Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.