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ESET Password Manager introduction

Password Manager feature is available based on your purchased subscription. Password Manager protects and stores your passwords and personal data. Password Manager also includes a form completion feature that saves you time by completing web forms automatically and accurately.

To begin using Password Manager

1.Enable Password Manager.

2.Import or create your identities and accounts.

3.Get to know the settings.


The ESET Password Manager FAQ is available in English and several other languages.

Features and benefits

Strong passwords

The built-in password generator prompts you to create strong, unpredictable passwords. Login credentials are stored automatically as new accounts are created.

Automatic login to websites and applications

Password Manager integrates with many web browsers and applications. One-click automatically launches your favorite password-protected websites and logs you in.


Password Manager supports all popular platforms–Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Browser integration and import

Password Manager supports all major browsers, allowing you to easily import your credentials and identities from popular browsers or other password managers.

Security report

Weak passwords are displayed in one place, so you always know which accounts need better passwords to increase security.

Secure Me

Secure Me allows you to log out of your accounts remotely. You can also quickly clear your browsing history or cookie files or remotely close open browser tabs. See how Secure Me works.

Two-factor authentication

Increase your data security by enabling Two-factor authentication (2FA).

Auto Login

If you choose to stay logged in for a longer time in a specific web browser (Remember me check box on the login screen), Password Manager will remember it for every login in this web browser until you manually log-out or set auto-log-out after specific time period.