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In the Accounts section, you will see a list of all your accounts added to ESET Password Manager. In this chapter, you will find information on how to:

Add a new Account

Use Accounts

Edit an Account

Delete an Account

Options for adding new Accounts to Password Manager

1.Log in to the website using your username (login) and password. If the website or specific login is not already stored in the database, Password Manager will prompt you to save the credentials you typed. You must have the appropriate browser extension installed and enabled for this method to work.


2.Add an account manually from the ESET Password Manager. Click Import accounts or Menu menu > Accounts > Add account and fill in the required fields. ESET Password Manager will offer to create a strong password using the password generator.



You can start with the Add account or Import accounts button when no account has been added.


Using Accounts

If you want to log in to a specific web page, go to Menu > Account, then click the account row. ESET Password Manager will fill in your username and password and log you in automatically (the Enable auto login box needs to be checked). Alternatively, if multiple credentials are saved for a specific website, you can make one set of credentials the default, or you can have Password Manager prompt you to select a set of credentials each time you visit. Read how Multiple credentials for the same website work.

You also have the following options for each account. Click the three dots menu next to the account, where you can Go to website, Copy username, Copy password to the clipboard, Edit account details and Delete your account.


Edit an Account

In the Password Manager Accounts tab, click the three dots menu next to the account and click Edit.


Website—View the URL where the account credentials will be used.

User login


Check password—Compare your password with a list of leaked passwords.

Generate password—Generate a complex password. For more information, see Generate password.

Notes—Add a note to your account.

See first—Enable this feature to show this account at the top of the accounts list.

Enable auto login—Enable this feature to be logged in automatically.


Delete an Account in the account list

1.Open the Password Manager.

2.Click Menu > Accounts.

3.Click the three dots next to the account you want to delete and click Delete.

4.If you are sure, click Remove, and your account will be deleted.