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Getting started (app)

After successful installation on your device, open ESET Password Manager.

I am a new user and want to use a mobile device app

If you already have a Password Manager account, follow the instructions below:

1.Open your Password Manager app.

2.Type your email address and Master password, and tap Log in.

3.Type your PIN code or scan your fingerprint.

4.Start using Password Manager.

If you do not have a Password Manager account:

1.Open your Password Manager app.

2.Tap Create an account and follow the on-screen instructions.


The Create an account option is available only in the Android app. If you are a new user in an iOS application, create an account in the web extension.

I have all data transferred successfully via the extension and want to use the mobile app

1.Log in to the ESET Password Manager app using your email address and password.

2.Create a PIN code to access the ESET Password Manager app.


PIN code requirements:

Four digits

No repeating digits (e.g., 2222)

No sequential digits (e.g., 1234)

3.Confirm the PIN code.

4.Tap Enable and scan your fingerprint if you want to use fingerprint authentication to enter the Password Manager application.

5.Start using Password Manager.

Enable ESET Password Manager for apps

1.Open the ESET Password Manager app.

2.Tap the hamburger menu menu > Settings.

3.Tap Device settings > Enable Autofill if supported in your device.

4.Go to the device settings and select the ESET Password Manager as default. See the instructions on how to autofill your credentials.

5.Open an app, and when prompted, tap Autofill with ESET Password Manager on the keyboard to autofill your credentials. Authenticate yourself using your fingerprint or PIN.