Disable the login tab on startup – When checked, auto-launch of Password Manager after browser start (default) will be disabled.

Clicking an account in the account list opens the account's URL – Disabling this default-enabled option, clicking an account opens the Edit account window.

Do not display the account list pop-up – Select this option if you have two or more accounts for a specific website and do not want to automatically display account pop-ups.

Disable automatic filling of accounts – When enabled, your login credentials will be pre-filled, for example, when accessing a known website with a browser where you are logged in to ESET Password Manager. Disabling this option will disable all automatic logins to websites or applications.

Make ESET Password Manager the default password manager – When enabled, ESET Password Manager is the default password manager.ESET Password Manager icon for auto-fill will be displayed in all form fields.

Integrate with context menu – When enabled, Password Manager adds the Generate password option to the context menu. Click Generate password to copy a newly generated password to the clipboard. Paste the password when logging in.

Ask to save identities – When enabled, a notification informs you of a new noticed identity.

Participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program – When enabled, you provide ESET with anonymous information about using ESET Password Manager.

Provide diagnostic data for error analysis –  Diagnostic data helps ESET to analyze errors and trace performance issues. When enabled, ESET will solve any product issue quicker, and ESET Technical support will be able to help you more effectively.