ESET Business Account (EBA) allows ESET business license owners to manage all of their licenses in one place. After adding licenses to the ESET Business Account portal or importing licenses from ESET License Administrator (ELA) to the ESET Business Account portal, you can share the number of seats your license includes among sites, and you can enroll people you trust to help you manage your licenses.

Compared to ELA, EBA allows you to do the following:

Share license seats among sites (branch offices)

View a detailed overview of license and product usage

Assign users, in ELA called Security Administrator, to specific sites

Protect your license management tool with two-factor authentication

Access ESET PROTECT Cloud to deploy and manage ESET Full Disk Encryption

Activate ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Access ESET Cloud Office Security

Access ESET Inspect Cloud

Manage ESET Secure Authentication SDK keys and SMS Credits