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ESET Business Account (EBA) allows ESET business license owners to manage all of their licenses in one place. After adding licenses to the ESET Business Account portal, you can share the number of seats your license includes among sites, and you can enroll people you trust to help you manage your licenses.

EBA allows you to do the following:

Share license seats among sites (branch offices)

View a detailed overview of license and product usage

Assign users to specific sites

Protect your license management tool with two-factor authentication

Access ESET PROTECT to deploy and manage ESET Full Disk Encryption

Activate ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Access ESET Cloud Office Security

Access ESET Inspect

Manage ESET Secure Authentication SDK keys and SMS Credits


ESET License Administrator replacement

ESET Business Account replaces its predecessor ESET License Administrator that reached End of Life on June 30, 2022. Read more about ESET License Administrator End of Life.


ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) licenses

ESET Endpoint Encryption (formerly DESlock) licenses are not compatible with ESET Business Account. For more information on how to manage EEE licenses, see Licensing in EEE.

Service availability

The ESET Status Portal displays the current status of ESET cloud services, scheduled outages and past incidents. If you are experiencing an issue with a supported ESET service and do not see it listed in the Status Portal, contact ESET Technical Support.

Monitoring teams verify potential issues internally, and confirmed incidents are posted and updated manually to maintain high credibility and accuracy. Therefore, they appear on the Status Portal with a slight delay. Incidents with a short duration may not be posted if they are resolved before being manually confirmed.