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Log in to the ESET PROTECT Web Console

On your local Windows server (the machine hosting your Web Console): Click Start > All Programs > ESET > ESET PROTECT Web Console.

From any place with internet access to your web server, type the URL in the following format (Replace "yourservername" with the actual name or IP address of your web server): https://yourservername/era/

A login screen opens in your default web browser. If an SSL certificate warning is displayed, add the certificate exception to your web browser.


Use a supported web browser to connect to the ESET PROTECT Web Console.

When you log into the Web Console for the first time, ESET PROTECT Tour is displayed, and you can use the wizard to deploy ESET Management agents to computers in your network.

ESET PROTECT Web Console user interface

The ESET PROTECT Web Console user interface consists of several parts:

You can use the Search tool at the top of the ESET PROTECT Web Console.

Click Quick Links to perform some of the most commonly used Web Console actions.

If you need help when working with ESET PROTECT, click the information Help in the top right corner and click <Current topic> - Help. The respective help window for the current page is displayed.

The upper right corner displays the current user with the user session timeout countdown. You can click Logout to log out at any time. When a session times out (because of user inactivity), you must log in again.

The main menu on the left side of Web Console contains tools that administrators can use to manage client security solutions and ESET PROTECT server settings. You can use the tools under More to configure your network environment and minimize maintenance needs. You can also configure notifications and dashboards to stay aware of the network status. Click the expand_menu to expand the menu on the left side of the screen; you can collapse it by clicking collapse_menu Collapse.

In the top left part of the screen, next to the ESET PROTECT name, you can find the product navigation icon product_navigate that helps you navigate between ESET PROTECT and your other products: ESET Inspect, ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator.

The gear_icon icon always denotes a context menu.

Click update_default Refresh to reload/refresh displayed information.

Buttons on the bottom of the page are unique for each section and function, and are described in detail in their respective chapters.


The topics below describe the main menu items:

icon_dashboard Dashboard

device_default Computers and Groups

icon_threats Detections

icon_reports Reports

icon_tasks Tasks

icon_policies Policies

siren_default Notifications

status_overview Status Overview

icon_more More > Exclusions

icon_more More > Quarantine

icon_more More > Users and Permission Sets

icon_more More > License Management

icon_more More > Certificates