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You can use tasks to manage the ESET PROTECT server, client computers, and ESET products. Tasks can automate routine jobs. Task targets can be individual computers and groups.

Tasks enable you to assign specific procedures to individual clients or groups of clients.

In addition to the icon_tasks Tasks window, you can create tasks from context menus in device_default Computers. To see the status of executed tasks, click icon_tasks Tasks, and observe whether tasks have finished successfully.


The Tasks section of the ESET PROTECT Administrator Guide contains information about how to create, assign, and schedule new tasks.

The ESET Knowledgebase has examples of procedures to configure specific tasks, such as:

Send a wake-up call to client computers to execute a task immediately in ESET PROTECT.

Change the agent connection interval for client computers in ESET PROTECT.

Use a Software Install client task to deploy or upgrade ESET endpoint products.

Synchronize ESET PROTECT with Active Directory.