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Certificates are an essential part of ESET PROTECT. They serve for secure communication between ESET PROTECT components and the ESET PROTECT server and to establish a secure connection of the ESET PROTECT Web Console. You can manage ESET PROTECT certificates in icon_moreMore > Peer Certificates.


You can use certificates that are automatically generated during ESET PROTECT installation.

Certification authorities

A certification authority legitimizes certificates distributed from your network. In an enterprise setting, a public key serves for an automatic association of client software with the ESET PROTECT server to enable the remote installation of ESET products. You can manage ESET PROTECT certification authorities in icon_moreMore > Certification Authorities.


All peer certifications must be valid and signed by the same certification authority to ensure that all components can communicate correctly.

For more information about certificates and the certification authority, read the ESET Knowledgebase article or Online Help.