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License Management

Select icon_moreMore > License Management to manage your licenses.


To add a new license to ESET PROTECT:

1.Click icon_moreMore > License Management and click Actions > Add Licenses.

2.Select the method you want to use to add your new license(s):

a.ESET HUB, ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator - Synchronize the licenses from your ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator account with the ESET PROTECT Web Console. You can import the complete structure of your ESET Business Account, including the distribution of license seats among the sites.

b.License Key - A unique string used to activate your ESET product and identify the license owner. Type or copy/paste the license key you received when you purchased your ESET security solution in the License Key field.

c.Offline License File - See the instructions to create and download offline license in ESET Business Account.

3.Click Add licenses.



ESET PROTECT supports the management of subscription licenses. You can add a license using ESET Business Account, ESET MSP Administrator, or a license key. You can verify your subscription's validity under License Management in the Validity column or by clickingdevice_default Computers > Details.